Knapman is made to meet the needs of men. Based on the experiences of our clients with other shapewear products for men we inventend Knap'man, the next generation of shapewear for men, improved on all points that matter most to modern men.

Knapman Shirts and boxershorts are made to shape beautiful bodies.

The next generation of modern shapewear exclusively for men provides unique body encircled ultra compression to transform your torso and chest, support your abs and lower back to improve your shape and can reduce backpain.

The new MaxClima fabric ensures high comfort: high breathability, cool touch, quick dry, soft feel and perfect fit.
Built-in silver ions provide permanten anti-odor action and anti-bacterial protection.

Knapman is designed for the modern man and is meant to shape and support your body at work, during freetime and exceptional sport activities.

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